Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We already know what is going on in New York, a true conservative fighting for a seat against a RINO.  Now a similar scenario is playing out right here in our backyard.  I've received numerous emails and notifications to particpate in a phone bank for Mike Nofs who is running for the 19th district State Senate seat.  I also know that a bunch of Oakland County residents drove up to his district to go door to door for him.  But just now I realized that this is not the candidate the Republican Party should be pushing. Isn't fiscal responsibility number one on their agenda?  Although Mike Nofs is considered to be a real nice guy he is responsible for $1.1 BILLION out of $1.4 billion of the spending created by the $1.4 billion tax hikes of 2007. (Comparison: Hoogendyk, Sheen, Joe Hune and Glen Steil all voted for less than $7.6 MILLION of the tax fueled spending and many other House GOP stayed well under $200 million. "Make Lansing Listen" found more about his spending record

Steven Mobley, a true conservative independent running for the same seat does not have the money Nofs has (previousSEIU support) to run a big campaign, and one would think the Party would get behind him even stronger.  Didn't the tea parties mean anything?  Cut the spending, cut big government. I don't know either candidate and I'm out of their district anyway, but it bothers me to see what is going on.  Newt Gingrich said  the Republican Party must have a bigger tent if we want to win. Maybe I don't see the big picture yet, but some fresh clean blood in Lansing would certainly be a good way to start over. Learn about Steven Mobley here, his interview is about 5 minutes in
Go to to learn more and decide for yourself if there is something wrong with this picture.

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