Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After reading numerous reports from local papers, blogs, and on social networks, there is no need to detail the debate again.  Here are two of my favorite reports on the debate:

Prior to the debate there was a rally outside with supporters from both sides in attendance. The Peters crowd ALL had the exact same sign, as all dems always do - no originality and which indicates to me that these folks are brought in and handed their signs. Maybe they are even paid to attend. Most of them were "kids", at most college freshmen. It was obvious the way they were jumping and dancing that they really didn't understand the seriousness in which they were getting themselves involved in.

In contrast, Rocky's crowd sported mostly mature adults, many with homemade signs, neatly dressed and respectfully cheering Rocky's name.  One slogan comes to mind that originated in Rocky's crowd:  Rocky works for us, Peters works for Pelosi.

The rain got worse and we ventured inside the auditorium and waited for the debate to begin.  The questioning panel were from the Oakland Press, namely Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Adler and a lady whose name I  don't remember.  This is where it became interesting. The moderator announced that the audience was allowed to applaud even before the debate was over.  The Peters crowd got loud, noisy and somewhat rowdy at times as a result of this. While Rocky's supporters were accused in the Newspapers of being loud and insulting, that is not true. 

The questioning was biased at times, with Rocky getting 3/4 of the time to respond and he was often interrupted by both Gary Peters and the panel, always referring back to the frivolous lawsuit or other non-issue items.  At the same time, Rocky tried to get back to the issues at hand, trying to put Peters on the spot on his vote for healthcare and cap and trade. The panel also let Peters get away with completely answering the questions. The amnesty question comes to mind.  While Peters and Rocky agree on securing the border, they never made Peters answer the amnesty issue.

Rocky was toe to toe with Peters and often got to Peters  which showed in his red face  At one point he lost his composure and started yelling at Rocky that he doesn't know what he is talking about.  That is not how I want to see my congressman behave.

Rocky will be a superior statesman and he will work for us.

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Suddenly there are more and more comments and blogs surfacing about Congressman Gary Peters.  While I have posted numerous myself on this blog, I am now posting links to several that are of great interest and don't just talk about his biggest bad vote, namely Obamacare, but this takes us into various other leftist areas.

Stay tuned as I pick up more for your reading pleasure so you can decide who you want to send to DC.  So far, my mind is made up, Rocky is the conservative candidate that I want to send.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here is an interesting article about what is really going on in Oakland County's Gary Peters' district.  It's really not all as rosy as he would like you to believe.  In his op-ed today in the Oakland Press he claims that we gained some 25,000 new jobs.  I say, no way, unemployment is as high as ever. Maybe he was counting the temporary census workers or a number of new government employees.  His lack of honesty and transparency leaves me wondering.

Here is a great blog just about that - nothing is happening. Construction has halted and jobs are lost.

Here is another take on the recent namecalling by Gary Peteres, namely calling Rocky Raczkowski a "teabagger"

There was another article today in the Oakland Press that really upset me.  GOP activists are turning against one of the best candidates, (besides Rocky) Justin Amash, an Icaucus endorsed candidate who posted each and every one of his votes on Facebook for complete transparency.  Yes, he is a true conservative and votes accordingly, how can anyone be too conservative after what we have been observing the last 18 months.  This is what a fellow blogger wrote about this:

Finally, notice the new Donate button on the top right corner. Try clicking it and send a few bucks to Rocky.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today at an Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority candidate forum,  Gary Peters referred to Rocky as a "tea-bagger" and said the Tea-party members are close-minded and create a polarizing rhetoric.

Another attendee reported this: Gary Peters called Rocky a 'teabagger' at the Bloomfield Twp library this morning to a room of almost all women. This is a sexually obscene phrase--look at wikipedia if you're not familiar. According to my source, the look on Peters' campaign manger's face was priceless.
I take personal offense to this kind of behavior and statement.  Not only is Peters disrespectful to women but also to thousands in his district and millions around the state and country.  Peters attacks are becoming shameful and he lies about Rocky every chance he gets.
By calling Rocky a teabagger and insulting the Tea Party members, he is clearly showing that he is and always will be Pelosi's lapdog.  We do not and will not tolerate someone like him to represent us in Washington.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Independent Polling Shows Incumbent Peters Trailing

Birmingham, MI - The Kelly Rossman Group, an Lansing based firm, issued tracking poll results in the 9th Congressional District today showing challenger Rocky Raczkowski up on Incumbent Congressman Gary Peters.
The automated poll conducted September 13th showed Raczkowski with 45 percent, Peters with 40.7 percent and 10.3 percent undecided. The other four percent were divided among the Independent, Libertarian and Green Party candidates.

"This poll reflects the fact that Gary Peters says one thing and does another. From Obamacare to the stimulus to tax cuts, Gary says one thing to middle class families in Oakland County and then goes to Washington DC and votes the other way," Raczkowski said. “Voters want a candidate with a rock solid commitment to cut taxes and stop spending so our economy can start creating jobs again."

Peters voted for the $787 billion failed federal stimulus package, last year's healthcare bill known publicly as “Obama-care”, the Cap and Trade bill which would have raised taxes and harmed the Detroit area's auto industry and has recently flip-flopped on his long standing opposition to extending the 2001 and 2003 'across the board' tax cuts which are due to expire at the end of the year.

Rocky Raczkowski is the Republican nominee for Michigan's 9th Congressional District. Raczkowski is a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves who was awarded the bronze star for meritorious service during combat operations, a successful businessman, and former Majority Floor Leader of the Michigan House of Representatives.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Gary Peters, Congressman and incumbent for Michigan's 9th district won the '08 election on Obama's coattail.  He ran as a moderate democrat.  We gave him a chance.  As a former lottery commissioner and stockbroker we expected him to have some understanding of the economy and relate to his constituents.  But we were wrong.  As soon as he got into office he totally aligned himself with Nancy Pelosi and his party, voting 95% with them, notably the healthcare bill, cap and trade, Stimulus, etc. 

He is now running from his party, switching hats and declaring himself a deficit hawk. But he does not have a leg to stand on.  Regarding the healthcare bill, this is what we will have to face:

The health-care overhaul enacted last spring won't significantly change national health spending over the next decade compared with projections before the law was passed according to the federal Medicare and Medicaid Services Center. The report casts fresh doubt on Democrats' argument that the health-care law would curb the sharp increase in costs over the long term. In fact in 2014, U.S. health spending is expected to rise 9.2%, up from the 6.6% projected before the law took effect.

This was the second setback this week for one of the party's biggest legislative achievements. The Wall St. Journal reported Wednesday that insurance companies have proposed additional rate increases ranging from 1% to 9% nationwide they they attribute specifically to new health-care coverage mandates.

Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, said the rate increases underscore why lawmakers should repeal the legislation and replace it with changes that make care more affordable.

Source: Wall St. Journal, 9/9/10
Henry Payne from the Detroit News has this to say about Peters:
Peters in trouble? Who knew?

The influential Cook Political Report has moved Democrat incumbent Gary Paters' race against Rocky Raczkowski from the safe "Likely Democrat" column to the less-safe "Lean Democrat" category.
Gee, ya think Cooksie?

Anyone with a pulse in Michigan has known first-termer Peters - a big-spending Democrat in purple Oakland County - has been in trouble for months now. Peters himself has telegraphed his panic as he has tried an extreme makeover of his political persona from Pelosi Democrat to Deficit Hawk.
It better take fast - internal GOP polls show Rocky up seven.

The National Federation of Independent Business gave Gary Peters an F grade. Here is why:

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, the small business lobby, Peters is batting a woeful 33 percent on bills that matter to small biz in Washington.
American Clean Energy and Security Act (cap and trade):
Small Business Position: No
Peter's Vote: Yes

Obamacare, aka, The Affordable Health Care for America Act (don'tcha just love the Orwellian titles?)
Small Business Position: No
Peter's Vote: Yes

On Credit Card Bill of Rights:
Small Business Position: Yes
Peter's Vote: Yes

Peters says he has a record of "working to make it easier for small business in Oakland county." His score as a Michigan senator in 2002? He got a NFIB score of 11 percent. That's an "F."
Ads are cheap talk. But in the classroom, Peters flunks Small Business 101.

He is now taking cheap shots at Rocky Raczkowski, his opponent. Rocky will go to Washington not as a politician, but as a representative of his district's constituents.  He will not be bought off by big money special interest groups, unions and lobbyists, unlike his opponent who stuffed his warchest with their big contributions amounting to over 2 million.  Consequently, Rocky's warchest is not that big.  If you can, donate to his campaign by going to his website at  Any amount will help to defeat Gary Peters.