Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More great Michigan Conservatives

I just came across Brian Pennebecker's blog in the Oakland Press and will incorpate his posts here. He is also a conservative Michigander with a special understanding for blue collar workers.

This is what Brian's blog starts with:

I am going to devote this blog to providing a blue collar-conservative's "take" on the issues impacting metro-Detroit and Michigan. I want to comment from the perspective of a parent, an auto worker, and a conservative observer of society in general. I hope to employ some humor, wit and occasional cynicism to make my argument. While I am a conservative, I'm not an ideologue, and look forward to commenting on current events and the "issues of the day" with an open mind.

To read more from him go to: http://pannebecker.blogspot.com/


  1. Rotti - I have been reading Brian's blog for quite a while; he's great. He provides a level-headed look at the issues and encourages a lot of open dialog.

    I am adding your blogs to my blogroll, and I am also looking forward to looking into all the other blogs listed on your list!

  2. Thanks, John, I trust you didn't drink the kool aid. Please visit A Patriotic Rottweiler, my main blog. I added the MI blog for upcoming elections, figured the rest of the country won't be interested in MI stuff along the way.