Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cushingberry Having A Ranting Fit

A patriot friend from one of the forums posted this letter from Jack Hoogendyk  along with an audio.  This is too good not to pass on.

"Last month I sent two updates on the budget crisis in Lansing. In both letters, I suggested you call Appropriations Chairman, George Cushingberry. You did and apparently you got under the Chairman's skin. The good Representative apparently lost it on the House floor recently. Hear his "rant" here: or read the text of his speech below.

I don't know how many "calls" you placed, but I do know by tracking hits from my web site that at least 300 of you contacted his office via e-mail.
Chairman Cushingberry seems to think that if you are not from his district he owes you no response to your communications. I guess he forgot that as Chair of Appropriations, the decisions he makes about taxes and spending affect every resident in the state.
This budget crisis is not over; the likelihood of another tax increase is still a very real possibility. Perhaps 300 e-mails is not enough. Maybe Chairman Cushingberry should hear from you and 599 of your friends. Respectfully tell Chairman Cushingberry what a tax increase will do to you and your family. Tell him that you can't increase your family spending and neither should government. Please ask him to reconsider before raising taxes on your family. But please remember to be courteous and respectful."

I think it would be a good idea if we all called and let him/them know, no more Michigan tax increases, enough is enough.

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