Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am not a native Michigander, I'm an import and have lived in this great state for 40 years.  Once a proud state boasting of history, and a place of endless opportunities,  Motown not only produced great music artists, but also some of the best cars. See this video what Detroit used to be like:

Those were the good days. Over the years corruption ruined a once prosperouss city and state. Detroit still boasts a beautiful waterfront, but most businesses have moved to the burps. Many beautiful buildings are standing empty and boarded up, others got torn down. Remember Kwame Killpatrick, he took the corruption to another level and our Governor, the honorable Jennifer Granholm blew us away with her promise of no more taxes.  I don't think she knows what keeping a promise means. Combined with our leader, mmm mmm mmm and the UAW who now own GM and Chrysler and the taxes on small business that Granholm had imposed, Michigan now has the highest unemployment, almost the highest taxes and to top it off, a budget deficit of almost 3 billion $$.  The next month will tell us how this will be resolved. This blog page is dedicated to Michigan and I invite anyone to forward any info and news that could be incorporated here.

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