Thursday, November 25, 2010


My previous post on the Marion High controversy could further tie in with today's post.  Thanks to Nolan Finley, Detroit News, who said this:

Editing God out of history distorts truth:

Ask any grade school kid who the Pilgrims were giving thanks to on the first Thanksgiving and I'll lay you three-to-one odds that the answer you get is, "the Indians." Public education is so obsessed with separation and so uncomfortable with discussions of religion that it has sanitized the unbreakable link between faith and America's founding. Now children are taught that the Pilgrims set the first Thanksgiving dinner for the Native Americans who helped keep them alive during their first harsh year in the New World.

This is more than just a small distortion in the name of political correctness. And it's not one of those Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays issues. Whether you're a believer or non-believer, you should be concerned that God is being written out of this nation's history because doing so will limit our understanding of who we are as a people.

A H/T to A Conservative Teacher for the following blog expanding on Finley's thoughts:

Happy Thanksgiving to all that read this.  I personally have a lot to be grateful for, especially my many online friends and patriots.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Conservative Summer: We Do have the Right to Fly

Conservative Summer: We Do have the Right to Fly

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We have all been made aware of the creeping social justice or socialism introduction into our public schools. I will never forget the video about kindergartners praising Obama.  We should all check out our children's books they bring home, especially those dealing with social studies or history.  It is a well known fact that many of those books are being altered and no longer teach the "real" history.

Now it has come to my attention via email from a fellow patriot friend that one of our local parochial schools, Marion High, is now being indoctrinated as well with social justice.  Parents need to be made aware of that, especially if they have not been informed of those programs being launched in their school.

The following is an excerpt of what one mother of a Marion student wrote:

"..... A couple of you already have your girls there and you may have heard about the "assembly" on Tuesday. Your daughters may or may not have told you about the assembly. You may or may not find it and it's contents offensive. To sum it up, I have never felt more outraged and undermined since my children began school. I am pleading with you and your fellow alums, if what I relay does not represent the Marian that formed you and that you so dearly love and want to embrace for your daughters, to complain to the administration over what is going on.

In short, an assembly took place without parents' knowledge or permission which included "Bishop" Gumbleton, another priest who shared his views, and several "nuns" of the same ilk. The panel went on to preach to the kids for 90 minutes about the importance of "social justice", while reminding the kids that they are the future leaders of our society. (hint, hint, half of you will be voting in two years) Many of you probably know that the term "social justice" has been co-opted in the past several decades and it is a buzz word for socialism. The children were told they are not good Catholics if :

*they do not support socialized medicine
*they do not support all immigration. (there should be no such thing as illegal immigration)
*they do not accept that Jesus' teachings tell us that everyone should live equally, not just equal opportunity (socialism)
*they do not accept that people from all life styles should be respected. (gay rights)
*they did not support the programs that are being offered to save the earth (hmmm, cap and trade??)

They went on to demonize Glenn Beck and upheld MICHAEL MOORE (with a huge picture displayed) as some sort of person to be emulated. "Bishop" Gumbleton went on to say that he is called a communist, and that's okay with him because he knows that it means he is doing good work.

My daughter, who has a wellformed conscience and has been brought up in an orthodox, Catholic home was physically shaking she was so upset, as were several of her friends. One courageous teacher left in disgust.

Dana has endured four years of being chastised by teachers and teens alike for speaking against abortion and speaking out against President Obama's policy on abortion. Her current teacher has a large poster representing a group that is attempting to get school sanctioned permission to be formed. It is a large picture of a rainbow, it will be called the diversity group, and its intention is to support girls who are confused about their sexual identity. While this hasn't been sanctioned, YET, the teacher is all for it.

This is just a taste of what our $ has paid for. If you think there was nothing wrong with the messages imparted at the meeting were okay, then I accept your opinion and hope you can respect mine. If you find it wrong, please speak out to Sr. Lenore and let her know her brand of Catholicism is not what you are signing up for.

I am meeting with Sr. Lenore on Monday to go express my outrage and suggest one more assemly before we let these impressionable ladies out into the college world. I am suggesting my favorite, concervative priest, Fr. Riccardo, Holy Name Alum and maybe a video from my favorite internationally respected, speaker/preacher Fr. John Corapi. (Fr. Corapi - google him if you don't know him- is the first person of the cloth to warn me and others to RUN from any church that begins preaching social justice) I'm sure it'll fall on death ears and the only thing that gets attention is money. Some outraged parents are considering meeting next week to see how we can best handle this.

Thank you for your time. I encourage you to forward this to as many people that may want to know what is going on at Marian, especially those who are contemplating entrusting their children to the school."

If  this last election has not yet left an impression on our teachers and union officials then it only tells me that the battle has just begun and we cannot sit idle and let this continue.  We all know what we have to do.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The election is barely over and already speculations are surfacing what is going to happen next.  I was appalled but not surprised to read in one blog that there would be a good chance for Gary Peters running for Senate or even Governor in 2014.  Can you imagine having a male version of Granholm all over again?

Below is in short the possible forecast for Gary Peters.

Congressman Gary Peters originally sought to be Governor during the 2002 campaign, but dropped out because he diodn't have nearly enough support. He narrowly lost the race for Attorney General that year - the first Democrat to lose a race for that office in 50 years.

Gary Peters and Hansen Clarke: Re-election in 2012, then in 2014, one can run for Governor while the other runs for US Senate. (I'd be shocked if Carl Levin ran for another term in 2014.)

Looks to me, the battle will continue.  I am still Gary Peters' nightmare.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gary Peters' disregard for our Veterans - Salvation Army coming to the Rescue

Back in July, Gary Peters and his "new Dem" cohorts pretended to become our deficit hawks.  One of the many items Peters wanted to cut were 22 Million for disabled  Veteran's housing. Read below:

Peters and three other Dems got major heat for trying to cut more than $1 billion in spending that was added to the fiscal year 2011 budget because House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Dem leaders had asked for deficit-reducing trims on the budget.

And all of the spending they were targeting wasn't requested by the White House; instead, it was spending added on at the request of Democrats during the appropriations process. According to The Hill, the cuts included "... $400 million for national infrastructure investment; $400 million for high speed rail development; $200 million in HOPE IV housing grants; and $22 million for housing assistance vouchers for disabled

From The Detroit News:
In contrast, the Salvation Army is now coming to the aid of homeless veterans by breaking ground in the spring to provide housing to homeless veterans. The need for transitional housing is on the rise and the Salvation Army is investing $ 10.2 Million in Clinton Twn and Detroit.
On  this Veterans Day, thank our current and past Military and thank the Salvation Army for caring and helping.  Gary Peters certainly didn't think much of our Vets.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Michigan turned Red, this is good news for all of us. But there were pockets where good conservative candidates lost their race. Kupiec in MI 5th, Flint area is one of them.  I've been informed by a poll worker there that voters came in asking for help how to vote. After an explanation was given, they would answer, that's not what we were told. They told us just to mark an X on the Democratic side.  After looking at the election results in Oakland County, I noticed that in some pockets, especially the Pontiac precincts, the vast majority of voters were also using the straight ticket method, that is without considering the unusual large amount of voters that came out in Pontiac. Who woke them up?  Where did they really come from?

Just now I received information about some possible voter fraud having taken place in some Waterford precincts. This is part of the information I received, somewhat modified.

"He was a poll watcher in Waterford and said there was fraud going on. He said that there were two precincts in a gym. He was watching 15 which was by the door and a Dem was watching (or running) 13 which was at the other end of the gym. People were coming in with SC drivers licenses and saying they had moved to MI. They were giving addresses that would put them in precinct 13. The person there was allowing them to vote with a "Challenge" written on the ballot, but was then just running the ballots through with all of the good ones.

He said,  when he got there for the afternoon, no one had been watching the polls earlier. He said one of the poll watchers from a Tea Party , left in tears at some point in the afternoon; someone had threatened to call 911, I guess, when she was challenging things. He called the Republican help number and twice attorneys came in. I don't know what they did. My friend wanted to go to the clerk's office but didn't go when he heard that the clerk was a liberal Dem. If all of this was really happening, I don't know WHY something wasn't being done about it at the time."

If anyone has more info on these incidents, please post it here. We all need to learn and know what is going on.

With all the so-called training Poll watchers have received, this is troubling to me and seems it is an issue we all need to continue to work on.  We can work all we want to help get a candidate elected, but large amounts of voter fraud will turn against us. 

The democratic machine targeted certain candidates, especially those that had to win questionable cities like Pontiac or Royal Oak, Flint where they find willing voters to do what they are told.  We have 24 months to learn our lesson.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As I am still recuperating from last night's exceptional loss, I have been pondering also why. A friend forward the follong stats to me and it is clear something is out of kilter with this picture.  There is nothing I can do about it, but think you will find it interesting as well. The following is a response to an Oakland Press article:

Rocky won the following cities by the following percentages:

Bloomfield, 57.5%

Oakland, 69%

Orion, 59.5%

Waterford, 52.4%

Southfield, 51.6%

Birmingham, 54.6%

Bloomfield Hills, 63.9%

Lake Angelus, 82.5%

Orchard Lake, 65.5%

Rochester, 58.1%

Rochester Hills, 57.2%

Sylvan Lake, 53.7%

Troy, 54.5%

He is not representing the interests of those communities.

Rocky won more precincts around the district than did Gary Peters.

Gary Peters represents Pontiac, where he won by 87.6%, and had 7500 more votes.

You take that one city out of the mix, and Rocky wins.

And while it’s great that Peters wants to encourage small businesses to take on more debt, some of us would prefer to that he instead back off on the spending and stop incurring debt on our behalf.

While the Oakland Press might believe that “memories are short” on the stimulus, perhaps they might consider how many decades – perhaps even generations – it will take to pay off that debt, or how many years will see our budgets be constrained because of the interest payments.

This is not “sour grapes” Peters campaign – while victorious – was dirty. Had he won by campaigning on any of the issues you listed here, then perhaps you might have a point. But he didn’t; he instead resorted to mudslinging and fearmongering. He should be ashamed of his ill-gotten victory.