Tuesday, June 29, 2010


As an IC delegate, I am excited to report that two of our republican candidates have won the Icaucus (www.icaucus.org) endorsement: Rocky Raczkowski from the 9th congressional district and Gene Taliercio from the 12th MI Senate district. Rocky is hoping to replace Democrat Gary Peters and Gene is vying for term-limited Mike Bishop’s seat.

Both are commonsense constitutional conservatives, the basic requirement of Icaucus. Icaucus, or Independence Caucus (NOT Independent Party) is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization seeking candidates that are willing to go through a rigorous vetting process consisting of 80 questions based on constitutional values and principles. Having passed that with a minimum score of 70 %, the candidate then goes through a grueling interview. As a member of the interview steering committee I can attest the interviews are intense at least. The interviews are taped and then presented to the Michigan members (today there are at least 1000 +). The members listen to the interviews and vote on a candidate based on his questionnaire score and interview. Again, the total score must be a minimum of 70%.

Paul Welday, also from the 9th district was not able to achieve the required minimum 70%, compared to Raczkowski who had 96% on his questionnaire alone and beat Welday on the interview 2 -1. (67% to 33%)Gene Taliercio was the only one brave enough in his race against Copper Rizzo, Jim Marleau, John Garfield, and Kim Russell to go through the vetting. Both Rizzo and Marleau were invited to participate several times, but they declined. Gene passed his questions and interview with high scores.

The ultimate goal of IC is to send vetted constitutional candidates to DC or Lansing and to unseat incumbents that are beholden to unions, lobbyists, and big money special interest groups. The first ever endorsed candidate is Jason Chaffetz from Utah, now making a name for himself in DC.  With the help of Icaucus, early primaries show endorsed candidates having won their races, to name just a few are Bill Randall from NC, Jim DeMint from SC, John Dennis from CA (to beat Nancy Pelosi) ToddYoung from IN. To see all endorsed candidates nationwide log into http://www.icaucus.org/.

The IC helps vetted and endorsed candidates by providing campaign assistance in various ways.
To date Michigan has other endorsed candidates worth mentioning: Robert Palmer, MI Senate, 31st , Steven Mobley, State House, 62nd, Bill Cooper, CD 2 to replace Pete Hoekstra, Tom Stillings CD 1 to take Stapak’s seat,

The following is a list of all Michigan endorsed candidates to date, with more to follow soon:

Congressional District 1: Tom Stillings, R Torch Lake http://www.stillings2010.com

Congressional District 2: Bill Cooper, R Spring Lake http://www.billcooper4wmi.com/

Congressional District 3 Justin Amash, R Cascade Township http://amashforcongress.com/

Congressional District 9 Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, R Farmington Hills http://www.rockyworksforus.com/

State Senate District 12 Gene Taliercio, Rochester, www.geneformichigan.com

State Senate District 30 Brett VanderKamp, R Holland http://brettvanderkamp.com/

State Senate District 31 Robert Palmer, R Bay City http://www.palmer4senate.com/

State House District 62 Steven Mobley, R Athens http://www.stevenlmobley.com/

State House District 72 Eric Larson, R Cascade Township http://www.ericlarson2010.com/

State House District 74 Dave Agema, R Grandville http://www.daveagema.com/

State House District 91 Ken Punter, R Ravenna http://votepunter.com/

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Michigan Independence Caucus has been busy vetting candidates for state and federal seats. Currently there are several candidates going through the voting process. Today, this fine candidate received his endorsement.  It is Eric Larson, running for State Representative, 72nd District.  Dr. Eric Larson has this to say:  “My goal, if elected, will be to improve the business environment to increase opportunities for businesses to form and settle in Michigan. This is accomplished by recognizing that bureaucrats cannot predict which businesses will or will not be successful. Rather, we need to dramatically lower taxes, get out of the way, and allow our entrepreneurs to succeed.” You can find out more about him by visiting his website at  www.ericlarson2010.com/ . He is also on Twitter www.twitter.com/ericllarson and on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eric-Larson/237929759141?v=wall#!/pages/Eric-Larson/237929759141?v=wall

Other Michigan Icaucus endorsed candidates are so far:

Rocky Raczkowski, candidate for Congress MI 9th district http://www.rockyworksforus.com/
Robert Palmer, candidate for State Senate, MI 31st disrict http://www.palmer4senate.com/
Steven Mobley, candidate for State House, MI 62nd district http://www.stevenlmobley.com/

Monday, June 7, 2010


The following was posted to the Icaucus Michigan site and hit home with me immediately.  I believe we need to continue to hammer this issue home every day and everywhere because it is too scary to see what the Republican party is doing.  It is time that just this once, they get over their greed and power hunger and support the candidates that the "people" want.  I deleted some things, as I don't agree with everything the author said.

"Barcia's seat being sought by Robert Palmer. Here we have a man who is vetted and known conservative, but instead of the party standing behind their own man, 2/3rds into the campaign and in the summer stretch towards the primary, some behind the scenes get together and bring a guy in who has been to the Capitol, knows all the games and how to talk without saying anything as politicians are traditionally known for to try to waste Palmer's time and resources. Yes I am talking about Mike Green.

 Folks whatever you think, you are going to do, you better do it fast.

The last batch of retards that got elected with Obozo are trying to shut down the internet, giving out more money and offering meaningless jobs to pacify and put back to sleep the few citizens that the patriots have woke up. Sadly still nearly 80% of America sleeps soundly

Amazingly, that torpedoed oil pipe quietly spews environmental fuel up until the elections when lord Obama rides in on his white horse and saves the day getting the next generation of political gargoyles elected in August and November. Go ahead and tell me that isn't whats going on.

Sadly most Patriot groups are not familiar with I-Caucus and the concept MUST be promoted to the hilt. I am willing to schedule someone anyone who is not running for office who represents I-Caucus to come in and do an informational presentation on what I-Caucus is and why it is so important.

All I know is right now we have almost as many pond scum in the Republican party hiding out under the disguise of being conservative as we have treasonous progressives in the Democratic party and that folks is very troubling. It is ruining it for the good men and women running for office. Makes me want to curl up and go to sleep sucking my thumb too. But you won't get rid of me that easy."

H/T Caro Tea Party

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've listened to this ad three times as I couldn't believe what I heard and saw the first two times. This is one of the most misleading representations of a candidate I've ever seen as the video portrays a guy that's working in a manufacturing environment, the audio claims he owns a small business,  whereas in reality, Mr. Welday is and has been for a long time a lobbyist with ties to big corporations.  He is a founder and partner in Strategic Federal Affairs with offices in Michigan and Washington DC.

Then I heard him say that he is not a career politician.  That is just not true.  Mr. Welday has been involved in politics his entire adult life. He started as a political organizer, and eventually became the chief of staff to former Congressman Joe Knollenberg, who voted against the Bush bailout before he voted for it.  Joe Knollenberg is a lobbyist himself now in one of the spin off firms of Strategic Federal Affairs.  This is just too coincidental. When in 2008 Paul Welday lost a second time  a race for a State House seat, he immediately ran for the Oakland County Party Chair seat.  Incidently, the brother of the current Oakland County Party Chair is one of Welday's partners.  Small world.  I have great concern when a person can't win a state house seat but thinks he can win against the most well funded liberal the democrats have. Finally, he claims that he will create jobs for his district.  Government does not and should not create jobs.  The fact that he is a husband and a father does not qualify him or anyone else to be a representative.  I think this video/audio is a flop.