Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Urgent: 10/14 Oakland Commissioners to Vote on Resolution Comdemning Obama-Pelosi Healthcare Takeover]

URGENT: Please pass on to all of your friends/family

What? At 7 PM Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14th., the Oakland County Board of Commssioners will suspend their rules to consider a resolution offered by Commissioner Gosselin (R-Troy) condemning the Obama-Pelosi-Reid federal takeover of our private healthcare in our nation. We need freedom-loving Americans to show up and voice of support during public comment for the Gosselin Resolution which is against the Democrat healthcare takeover plan (H.R. 3200 & Senate Bill just passed today).

Where? Oakland County Commissioner's Auditorium (round-type building attached to the Circuit Court Building), 1200 N. Telegraph Road, Pontiac. The Commissioner's Auditorium is right in front of the Sheriff's Dept./county jail. Free parking.

When? Wednesday, October 14, 7 PM. Public comment is at beginning of meeting, plus the Chairman will call for specific comment on the Gosselin Resolution at the end of the agenda right before the Commissioners vote on it. That will be around 8 PM. Come whenever you are available.

Send our Congressman & Senators a message through our Oakland County Commission on this important matter. Your voice will make a difference --- liberal Democrats are organizing now to turnout pro-takeover activists. We cannot be out worked on this important issue. Spread the word!!

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