Monday, May 24, 2010


From a small town style newspaper, The Rochester Citizen, I recently learned that Gary Peters held a townhall style meeting with the OCP, the Old People Commission.  He apparently didn't get too warm of a reception when he continued to insist on his vote for the health care bill.  But that is old news about him.  The new lie really got to me when he introduced an agent for the Area Agency on Aging and ALL  the services they provide.

I happen to know the most passionate volunteer for that particular agency and I also know that this agency had their funding cut. Read the truth here

I, too, have been concerned about this issue, after all, someday we'll all be at that point in our lives and for the state to cut funding there is incomprehensible to me. Instead of Peters investigating this, and he even pointed out his aging parents, he just said all is ok.

This is the real story about the Area Agency for Aging
When is Gary Peters ever going to see and tell the truth about what is going on in Michigan.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


With his pick of Elena Kagan, President Obama has exposed a concern that I have had for long time -- a lack of understanding of America's military and what it takes to defend our great country in these dangerous times. To put it bluntly, as dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan believed passionately that it was perfectly acceptable for fat cat Wall Street law firms to recruit on campus but it was morally wrong for the U.S. military to have the same privilege. This liberal elitism makes me angry, especially since I found out that at the very same time, Kagan was being paid consulting fees by Goldman Sachs. Even worse, Kagan agrees with her mentor, Thurgood Marshall, who believed that the U.S. Constitution as it was originally framed, was "defective". And President Obama thinks that Kagan is the right choice to defend America's values on the Supreme Court?

The Kagan nomination just makes me want to work even harder to win this race and go to Washington to work for you. Join our campaign and we'll get America back on the right track! Either click on the links below or scroll down to read more great news about our campaign.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tommy Mikulski, a frequent writer for the Polish Daily did the following interview with Rocky.  It tells all we need to know about him and why I think he will be the correct choice for our new representative.  Remember him in November.

The Polish Weekly recently interviewed Republican Congressional candidate Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski; and, in so doing, it gained exclusive access to his efforts along the campaign trail. In 2010, he hopes to win the Republican nomination to unseat current United States Representative Gary Peters of the 9th Congressional District – whom The Polish Weekly interviewed one month ago. If he wins the August 2010 Republican Primary, he’ll challenge Gary Peters in the November 2010 General Election.

Rocky Raczkowski boasts an impressive set of experiences and skills. He grew up in Farmington Hills, MI, to a Polish immigrant family. In college, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and psychology; and, he began Master’s studies soon thereafter. He earned a law degree while serving in the State Legislature; and, he fluently speaks three languages. He enlisted with the Army at the age of seventeen; and, in 1990, he completed Officer Candidate School. He is currently a Major within the U.S. Army Reserves; and, he has served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Somalia to support the Global War on Terrorism. For his efforts, he earned the Bronze Star for meritorious service in combat. He returned from his latest tour in September 2009; and soon thereafter, he announced his candidacy for United States Representative. In 1996, he was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives; and, upon his re-election in 1998, Rocky became the youngest Majority Leader in the country. In 2002, he campaigned but lost against Carl Levin for a seat in the United States Senate. On top of politics and military service, Rocky is a successful businessman. He is the Chairman and CEO of Star Tickets – a competitor to firms like Ticketmaster – and has served within the Greater Farmington Chamber of Commerce, among other organizations.

Read the entire article here:

When you are done reading, visit Rocky's website at http://www.rockyworksforus/

Rocky is also an Icaucus endorsed candidate

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was driving along I-75, heading to a last minute special event at Rocky's new campaign headquarters in Birmingham, listening to the Frank Beckman show. As I was wondering what the special event would be about, Frank introduced Senator Rick Santorum who was in town for the annual Reagan dinner as a speaker.  The senator told Frank that he already had endorsed Jay Riemersma (MI CD2)and Pete Hoekstra for Governor.  He was going to do some campaigning next for Rocky's campaign and endorse him.  So, the cat was out of the bag before I even got to the event.

At a great Birmingham location, people were just pouring in.  Standing room only, lots of excitement in the air. Finally, Rocky walked into the room with the Senator. I think I had goosebumps, Rocky actually introduced me and my husband to Senator Santorum and told him that I am with Icaucus. 

Santorum is an excellent speaker and got the crowd fired up about all current issues. He then proceeded talking about Rocky and what an excellent choice he will be for Michigan 9th with his State, Military and business experience. Watch here what else he had to say:

To top off this great day, the following was released :
A poll released today by Strategic National Consulting gives Rocky a substantial lead in the Republican primary to be held on August 3, 2010.
Welday 15%
Undecided 59%
"The big undecided number makes me want to work even harder, reaching out to every voter in the district, said Rocky. "That's why we need your help even more to get the word out. So, please volunteer or make a contribution today. "
The survey used Interactive Voice Response to gather the views of 900 likely Republican primary voters and the margin of error is 3.25%.
All in all, a great day for Rocky and all of us in support of him.
Oh, and here is my favorite photo.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Just this morning as I was driving along I heard that the MEA is increasing their insurance premiums. All I could do was shake my head in silence, wondering how they can do that NOW? Here is the answer: they lost their shirts on their own investments and need to replenish, on our dime?

MESSA loses millions through bad investments, pension costs

MEA-owned insurance carrier using rate hikes to replenish coffers? Now it all makes sense.

We admit we were a bit astounded a few weeks ago, when we discovered that school districts throughout the state were again being hit with double-digit insurance rate increases by MESSA.

Of course rate increases are nothing new for MESSA, but we half expected the MEA-owned insurance giant to employ a bit of political savvy (and mercy) this year and take it easy on client districts, given their fragile financial condition.

Then we got our hands on MESSA's latest state financial statement, and the lights came on. It seems MESSA is dealing with its own financial dilemma – a loss of more than $100 million in its fund reserve due to bad investments and growing pension liabilities.

Last year MESSA reported having a fund reserve of $365 million, and the statewide average of its rate increase for schools was somewhere around six percent. But this year MESSA's fund reserve has dwindled to a measly $259.5 million, and the average increase is expected to be 13.3 percent.

According to state records, MESSA's outside investments lost $46 million in value over the past year, and it had to contribute an unusually high $64 million to its employee pension fund.

MESSA officials are eager to replace that money, and they're clearly doing it on the backs of the schools and taxpayers, according to Frank Webster, a former MESSA executive director. After all, how could MESSA, a non-profit agency, survive with only $259 million in the bank?

"You can be sure that MESSA will have rates that will recover what they lost during the recession," Webster wrote in recent summary of MESSA tactics. "They will do the best they can do to make it all up.

"Many American companies would like to make up for the recession losses, and MESSA is one that has - thanks to the Michigan taxpayers. It has a license to steal from taxpayers!"

None of this would be so bad if schools weren’t in such miserable financial shape to start with. The MEA says it cares about our schools, then allows its pet insurance company to raid district coffers. To those who argue that that the MEA isn't involved, we would remind them that many of the same people who run the MEA sit on the MESSA board.

And it wouldn't be so bad if schools, like normal consumers, were allowed to turn to the free marketplace for less expensive coverage. But as we all know, state law continues to make health insurance a topic of collective bargaining, and local unions continue to insist on MESSA coverage.

It's ironic now to picture Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, protesting last month outside a meeting of insurance company executives in Washington, D.C.Weingarten called them criminals and said they should be arrested for the high rates they charge American consumers.

We wonder what Weingarten would say about MESSA, a big, fat, greedy insurance company owned by her union brothers and sisters?

Read more here about the ugly numbers