Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This just in from a friend and sports fan, in particular the Red Wings.  I promised to get this circulated.

Dear Red Wings' fans,

As you may have heard by now, the Governor and the Michigan Legislature are seriously considering charging sports fans a 6-percent luxury tax on all professional and college sports tickets sold in Michigan.

This tax would be applied to tickets for major league and minor league baseball, football, hockey, basketball and auto racing. It would tickets to all college sports including football, hockey and basketball. It would also add a ticket tax to all concerts, shows and could even include movie tickets at a total cost of over $100 million per year.
This tax is not on the sports teams – it is on you – the fans. And all of us at the Red Wing's organization believe it is wrong to target the working families

This ticket tax would cost a family of four from $597 to more than $1,900 per year on their Red Wings' season tickets. Michigan would be the only state in the region to tax families attending movies, sporting events and concerts.
Fans Against the Ticket Tax was started to inform citizens of the potential for this legislation and to fight against this tax. We wanted to make you aware of this proposal and encourage you to speak out to the Governor and your representatives and senators in Lansing.

If you would like to voice your opinion on this issue, you can do the following:

1. Go to www.NoTicketTax.com to join in the effort and tell the governor and your legislator what you think about the ticket tax. Let them know there should NOT be a luxury tax on taking your family to a hockey game.

2. Send this email to all your friends and encourage them to get involved. Every email or phone call to Lansing will send a clear message that Michigan sports fans do not want the ticket tax.

Thanks for your help.

Go Wings!

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