Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today's article in the Oakland Press almost made me choke.  Poor Gary Peters, the "centrist" congressman from the 9th district is being attacked by three opponents all at once.  This whining kind of attitude almost made me cringe.  Who do they think they are kidding.  Read the Oakland Press article here and now read my comment which I added to the comment section:

 Poor Gary Peters is being attacked? So typical liberal whining when they don't get their way or are critized. Dan Farough thinks that our candidates positions are extreme and have no solutions? The truth is every one of them has positions and solutions that would work. The party of NO has an excellent solution to health care that would cover the uninsured and still keep the cost down, but nobody bothered to look at it, they got shut out. Mr. Farough, wake up and stop drinking the kool-aid. These are the facts about your dear Mr. Peters:

He voted with his party 95%, that's more than the average. He voted YES on Cap and Trade and all health care bills, both of which are economy and job killers, besides the fact that they would lead us to socialism and economic collapse. He scored 1% among all Michigan congressman to remove pork earmarks with 0% being the worst and 100% the best. The highest ranking Michigan congressman was Pete Hoekstra.

Furthermore, Peters refused the political courage test, was unresponsive to his constituents, does not return calls, is unavailable when called or visiting and sends back canned letters. His top political contributions came from organizations like ACT Blue, all different unions, lawyers, lobbyists, the DNC, out of state unions and the least from individuals. This tells me that all along he was beholden not only to Madame Pelosi but also to all these unions and special interest groups. Mr. Farough, don't go telling us about special interest groups, it's you people that take from them. Gary Peters has done nothing good for his district and I am blessed to have the time and energy to do all I can to help a candidate and his team to unseat Peters in November. Nothing would give me more pleasure.

The candidate that can beat Peters is Rocky Raczkowski  Check it out for yourself and join the team. 


  1. My own comment: Why is the SEIU thanking him for voting YES on the health care bill? That's just the ultimate giveaway.

  2. Simple answer, it creates enmasse huge numbers of unionized 'public' employees. Anyone with half a brain can see what legacy JFK's decision has left us, all 50 states on the brink of bankruptcy.

    See; Cloward Piven for reference.