Wednesday, March 31, 2010


'Get it Right'

Robert Palmer for State Senate

Michigan 31st District

Why We Can't Vote as We Have in the Past

To my friends,

Here in the 31st District, Arenac-Bay-Huron-Sanilac-Tuscola counties, many cites, towns and villages have become ghost towns. Finding work is all but impossible; people are in the position of having to decide whether to pay bills or buy food for their families. This is not what was expected when Jennifer Granholm promised she would 'blow you away' if re-elected. In fact, many Democrats in the State went right along with all of her programs and, today, wehave the highest unemployment and one of the bottom three economies in the Nation. In the new budget proposal, the Democratic solution is more taxes! However, the Democrats have not stopped with just raising taxes.

Currently, they are trying to pass a bill that will cripple the pensions of many Union Workers. It took the vote of Republican Senators to stop this from passing so far. Once again, the proworker Republicans stepped up to stop the pro-union Democrats from eliminating jobs, raising taxes and reducing benefits. However, with a Democratic Majority House and a Democratic Governor how long can the Senate hold out? The answer is, Not long! And, of course, the unions will then blame the Republicans for the loss of jobs and benefits.

We should have learned by now that Democrats are pro-union, but anti-worker and antibusiness,a mix that has never worked for the average person. But, have we learned? It hasn't happened yet. Maybe it will now. Remember, it is always the Democratic Party that cuts police, firefighters, teachers and other public service employees first to scare the people and get everyone on board with their programs. Don't you think it is time to vote Republican? We need to let our friends and neighbors, especially our union friends, know that we can no longer trust a Democratic party that will continue to send jobs, families and tax dollars out of the State. Please forward this message to all of your friends and neighbors to let them know the truth. Send them to to see how their Representatives in the House voted on all tax bills and spending bills.

Here in Michigan's 96th Congressional District, Representative Jeff Mayes has never seen a tax bill he won't vote YES on. He has also added his YES vote to every step of the Granholm plan to redistribute the wealth of the middle class. Now he wants to be your State Senator. Will you let him win? I can't win without the support of the people, and they need to know who I am and what I stand for so LET THEM KNOW!! We can change the flow here in Michigan in a short time with the right people in our State Government.

Send your friends and neighbors, and go yourself, to the Mackinac Center, or to any other site that shows how much money politicians raise and WHO gives it to them. View the special interest groups that support Representative Jeff Mayes under Michigan Votes - Jeff Mayes. Then you will see why he votes like a far left Progressive and talks like a center-right Conservative. Democratic Party bloggers even say that the end of the Jim Barcia era will usher in the era of the 'Progressive Mayes' - and they say it with glee!! Do we want any more Progressive plans here in the 31st District? I say No! We need to cut taxes on businesses, stop using scare tactics to vote in new progressive bills, cut taxes on the elderly and create a workplace whereworkers have choices. It is time to do something right and Fix Michigan!

Send this to Teachers, UAW workers and other Union workers in the 31st District. The truth is that the Union Leadership is selling them and their future down the tube into the dumpster! The proof is SB1227! Votes don't lie. The Union is in lockstep with this bill; the Republicans are trying to stop it. To quote a memo from 3/25/2010 to teachers here in Bay County,'Senate Leadership and REPRESENTATIVES of the GOVERNOR spent several hours today trying to convince a majority of senators to vote in favor of this bill." The Senate Leadership spoken of here is the DEMOCRATIC Minority Leadership!

You can help the campaign by forwarding this email to your family and friends.


Robert Palmer

Candidate for the State Senate, 31st District, Michigan

IT IS IMPORTANT TO SUPPORT ENDORSED CANDIDATES: Robert received the endorsement from Independence Caucus

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