Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rocky Publicly Denounces Administration for Lack of Support for Our Stalwart Ally, Israel

Today at 9:37pm

Rocky Raczkowski, Republican candidate for Michigan’s 9th Congressional District and a Major in the U.S. Army was recently taken aback by the Obama administration’s “unwarranted and unjust condemnation of our stalwart friend and ally, Israel.”

Raczkowski took great exception with the administration’s unusually strident rebuke of Israel and is mystified at the silence from the Hill. “I am perplexed as to why the administration seems to be driving a wedge between the United States and its strongest and most dependable ally and only democracy in the Middle East.” Raczkowski added, “and the silence on Capitol Hill to this Administration’s heavy-handed actions is deafening.”

Raczkowski, who in January conducted a briefing for the Jewish community at the Holocaust Memorial Center, said, “it is incomprehensible to me why the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State are applying undue pressure on Israel while ignoring the continued incitement to terrorism of the Palestinians. Even in the face of Iran’s brutal repression and public executions of dissidents just this past year during the Green Revolution, the Obama administration publicly stated it would not meddle in the internal affairs of another nation."

"Why then the double standard,” Raczkowksi asks, “and this administration’s insistence on dictating policy to the sovereign nation of Israel? What this administration fails to appreciate is that Israel has the right and the obligation to defend its citizens, and that Israel is our frontline defense in the war against Islamist terrorism.”

Raczkowski has twice visited Israel, once when he was Michigan’s State House Majority Leader.

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