Monday, March 15, 2010


"Congratulations to Rocky Raczkowski on winning the vote 2 to 1 over Welday and becoming our 3rd Endorsed candidate in Michigan and our 1st Endorsed U.S. Congressional candidate in this state. I have been holding back on making any comments besides the interview committee recommendation to avoid showing my bias. Now I can state that Rocky is going to be a fantastic Representative for the 9th District, Michigan and the USA. He has convinced me that he will listen to us and defend the Constitution as he has demonstrated for the past 24 years of Military Service and in State office. He will also oppose statism and promote free enterprise and individual liberty.

This race will get national attention because it is considered a toss-up by the so-called experts. It flipped to a liberal in 2008. It will be up to all of us to help our membership grow to make sure it flips back to a conservative in 2010."

To get involved with the Independence Caucus and help Rocky with his campaign, go to or http://www.rockyworksforus/.

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  1. Good to hear Rotti. Thanks for spreading the news.