Thursday, January 21, 2010



To: ........... (I removed the name for privacy reasons)

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 13:19:42 -0500

Subject: Massachusetts

Dear Steve,

Complacency is not an option.

Anyone who thought that we wouldn't have to work hard to be successful this election year learned a lesson from watching Democrats lose the Senate seat held for almost half a century by the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

Emboldened by what they did in Massachusetts, the right-wing extremists are now targeting me. They’re hoping to catch us asleep at the switch so they can bring back the same failed policies that got us into this economic crisis to begin with.

Let’s take nothing for granted this year. Please contribute $10, $25, or more to provide the resources we need to fight back against the special-interests and continue the great progress we’ve made for Michigan’s middle class families.

Michigan families are understandably anxious about the economic mess that we inherited. I hear the stories of people across Oakland County every day who are struggling to find a job, pay the mortgage, and afford health care for their families.

Even though our economic problems can’t be fixed in a year, we’ve made progress and will make even more in the weeks and months ahead. Now is not the time to turn the clock back to the same failed policies that have cost us millions of jobs as my opponents would do.

We cannot take anything for granted. Please contribute $10, $25, or more to show that my grassroots support in Oakland County and beyond is stronger than ever.

As you know, I am the first Democrat to represent this district since 1893. Now, after what happened in Massachusetts, the special interests are pouring money into helping the Republicans defeat me in November. I need your help to gather the resources now to make sure no attack goes unanswered and we can contact each and every voter this year.

It is time to kick things into high gear so we can keep working to get our Michigan and our country back on the right track. I’m ready if you are.

Thank you,


P.S. The extremists on the right are targeting me this year. I’m taking nothing for granted and, after what happened in Massachusetts, I’m hoping that you won’t either. Please contribute $10, $25, or more to provide the resources we need to fight back and continue making progress for Michigan. Then, spread the word on Facebook!


  1. Wonderful Post. Terrible "representative".
    Peters actually had the police tape off his office from protesters. You can read about it at under the 9th district

  2. Can't wait to get a true conservative in there that works for us.