Friday, January 29, 2010


There was a Tea Party/Healthcare Protest planned for this weekend in Troy. I've received e-mails about this from many different sources and saw it advertised on Facebook. I've seen many RSVPs of patriots planning to attend.  Outside of cold temperatures, it was tempting, but then I decided I could do other activities and stay warm and not further aggrevate my knee. Later I received more notices, now from local officials such as county and district chairmen as well as another official.  Initially there were no complete details about the rally, just a destination where to meet and park. A phone call was scheduled to call in to get more instructions. Finally I found out the patriots were to hang around my liberal congressman's neighborhood within 2 miles, and drop off flyers in same area.  Sounds like fun and exciting?  I thought so, at first.

As the evening wore on, I received additional mail, from freedom loving friends, but that were not too fond of this type of rally. One comment was "Are we stooping so low now and act like the dems do?"  This person was not comfortable with this arrangement. But what really got my attention was the next email.  The big question there was:  Who is running the tea parties?  Who started the tea parties?  Of course, it was We the People.  Tea Parties have always been grassroots and started by one of our many patriot friends.  So what are suddenly party officials doing organizing our tea parties?  They not only organized, but went a step further than we ordinarily do and want to invade a politicians private neighborhood and possibly family.  This is not what we do, or is it? 
These are some of the words sent to me:

 "Is it just me, or do you feel like the republican party has just hired their version of acorn... without paying us????

The TEA PARTIES belong to US... (Just like the GOVERNMENT DOES!!)... and I, for one, am NOT going to be used as a patsy for the republican party!! I will support INDIVIDUAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS (or any other party!!)... but NOT the party machine!!!"

My answer to her was that I have long been against the party machine, especially here in Oakland County.  The old gang needs to understand that this time the people will vote for their vetted candidate and not for the one they (the party) endorse, because that is what I have been observing for a while now, and I don't like it. The party machine can break a good candidate and let a lousy one win the election.  This is not what we are aiming for right now.  After reading Going Rogue I now understand just how damaging the party can be. The Tea Parties are ours - for now.


  1. Rotti, Can I have your permission to repost this on my blog and provide a link back to yours?

    This is what I have been saying in so many words for some time now and you got it JUST RIGHT!!!

    My email is

    If you wish me to post more info; names,pics,places and or TARGETS. I would be happy to spread the word.

  2. Chris, please feel free to post or link. The target is Gary Peters.

  3. I too am watching this movement with considerable interest, but from a distance. Tea Parties have gotten the ball rolling. Now, as with all powerful movements, the vacuum at the leadership of this movement will always attract charlatans, hucksters, ne'er-do-wells, and all manner of unsavory and unacceptable shysters who seek not advancement of the principals established by our Founding Fathers, but rather power and enrichment for themselves.

    You are right: the Tea Party movement is ours, ....for now.

  4. Rotti, Fredd is one helluva Patriot and am glad he is commenting here. He may not be in MI (was at one time) but this man is as intelligent as they come and we need more of you and him!

    Be warned, the trolls (liberals) are on the loose and being you blog is highlighted on mine you may get some infiltrators. Ignore them.

  5. thanks for the heads-up on possible Trolls. I will moderate from now on.