Wednesday, January 20, 2010


H/T Bill Zankich January 20 at 3:07am Reply

To all who uphold liberal ideology and seek a socialist America beware; The bitterness in your rhetoric over Browns uncontested and unanimous victory in Massachusetts is deafening and betrays the darkness of your intent. Prepare yourselves because we will only celebrate the victory of this battle for a short time, as we ultimately aim to win the war that liberalism has waged upon this great nation far too long.

Your vitriolic responses bring to mind the gnashing of teeth of ravenous wolves starving to devour and yet unable to accomplish their insidious goal. As I have stated in the past, your ideology is nothing more than a cancer to this country, and anyone who continues in folly to cling so dearly to the machinations of destruction is equally part of the disease, and will share equally in the fruits of this endeavor.

Make no mistake, we aim to weed liberalism from our government and we will not stop until our goal is accomplished. You woke the sleeping lion, we do not slumber any longer, and now you will reap your just reward. Please continue your venomous rhetoric, it adds fuel to the fire in our bellies that drives us forward in the battle to regain our republic and restore our nation! You have been warned. Continue to undermine our Constitution and sovereign liberties at your own peril. As God is our witness freedom will once again ring from sea to shining sea.

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  1. Good post Rotti, I stopped by to say the same but you got it covered !

    God Bless and do not relent as I will not. I am in thr fight for the long haul.