Friday, January 22, 2010


The Republican Party is hopefully starting to get it that we need to bring back true conservative values based on the Constitution in order to preserve the structure of this nation.  Tea Party Candidates will work with those values.
The very recent victory of Senator Brown is just another indication that the current administration and the democratic Michigan politicians were headed to far left. 

In Michigan I see more and more Tea Party candidates running for State House and Senate seats as well as for the US congressional level.

One of several candidates comes to mind.  That is Robert Palmer, who is running for the 31st State Senate seat.  Robert teaches the Constitution and is an every day citizen that got fed up with the breath taking turn in the wrong direction.  As a result he decided he can do better.  He just filed his papers and is ready to start campaigning. Here are some of his views:

Far too many candidates are touting their political background and their personal abilities, based upon their close ties to a political Party of choice. This "good ole' boy" attitude has destroyed the true political process at every level from the City Council to the White House. While Parties are needed to join together those who have similar ideals the parties must be secondary to the needs of each District, State and the Nation as a whole.

This country must return to a policy that generates professions rather than just 'jobs' and that recognizes the rights and responsibilities of each and every citizen as well as the rights of the States. Only when our Michigan citizens enjoy stable professions with above standard pay will our children be able to safely and surely move into the future.

In order for Michigan to return to a viable and credible economy and to regain rights to those State Powers granted by both the United States Constitution and the Michigan State Constitution there must be a return to the political philosophy of this Countries founders. Free market enterprise with a minimum of Governmental interference as well as a reduction in the size and scope of both State and Federal Government.
You can find out more about Robert on his website  .   Robert can also be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at .

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