Sunday, November 8, 2009


In You Will Support Abortions Under New Healthcare Bill I wrote about two passages in the Democrat's healthcare bill that encouraged your taxpayer money to be spent on aborting babies. But after Demcrats fought hard to prevent a vote on this issue, morality prevailed, and a group of Democrats voted with Republicans to successfully ban federal funds for abortion under the public health insurance option in the bill and prohibit federal subsidies for purchasing health plans covering abortion.

The amendment does not impose a new federal abortion policy since it simply continues what has been the law in the United States since 1977. The vote was a roll call vote of 240-194.

Voting against this amendment was Michigan's 9th District Congressman, Democrat Gary Peters. He supports using taxpayer money to fund abortions, and felt that some of the $1.2 trillion dollars the federal government will spend under this health care bill should be used to encourage and support women who choose to abort their babies.

Gary Peters, elected out of a district that used to be solidly Republican, has now voted to increase taxes and regulation for energy, increase taxes and regulation for healthcare, and now to fund the expansion of abortions. Gary Peters is no blue-dog- based on his voting record, he is as liberal as they come, and voters in his district need to vote next election to throw him out of office before he works any longer on destroying Michigan jobs.

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  1. I bet he voted to kill off the elderly, too, aka death panels. Those types have no souls and they will pay, eventually. It just bugs me and shouldn't be the law of the land. Any society should be judged by how they treat the old, the young, and the disabled. According to the dems, those are all people who should die--or be made fun of (like making fun of the Special Olympics). It's horrible. Time to get them ALL OUT OF OFFICE!!!

  2. The bill itself did include the so-called death panels, and Gary Peters voted for it, so yes, he did indeed vote to 'kill off the elderly'. See my post: