Monday, November 16, 2009


Congressman Peters' voting record is shameful.  He pretended to run as a moderate democrat and turned into a Pelosi whipping boy, voting straight down party line.  His support for Cap and Tax and the otrocious health care bill topped it off.  See his voting record here:
His constituents keep writing, calling, faxing him to vote no on the important issues, but he pretends not to hear us.  When someone actually gets to meet with him, his positions are always undecided, and wham, the next day he will vote against his constituents wishes. I imagine he thinks of himself as invincible, considering the amount of money he already collected fundraising towards the next election.  It is about $ 1,2 Mill by now.  See his contributions here here and here
His constituents don't mean anything to him, he's totally beholden to his contributors and lobbyists. The money will keep pouring in.  But in the end he will need to get the votes of his constituents.  That's why we have to keep working hard on getting him exposed for what he is, let it be known that he is not working for us, never has.
We have to work hard to support a candidate that is a true conservative that will work for us, that wants to serve, unselfishly and a believer in  the constitution. A person of strong character, a leader and  fighter, one that has experience both on the political scene and in private business.
I bet you can guess who I am thinking of.

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