Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Rep. Peters Statement On H.R. 3962

Congressman Gary Peters released the following statement today regarding his decision to support H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act:

"After thoroughly studying the bill and talking with thousands of Oakland County residents and medical professionals, it is clear we must act to lower health care costs for families, seniors and businesses. This plan's reform is market-based; expanding choice, competition and stability; makes our system more efficient and does not add to the deficit. AARP supports this bill because Medicare would be strengthened, closing the prescription drug donut hole and providing new preventative care at no cost for seniors.
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The townhall he was referring to with 800 people was all rigged. I was there, his supporters all wore little stickers on their shirts indicating they wanted reform. There were 100s of them and there were let in through side doors before we could get in.  The questions were staged, it got so bad, I couldn't stand it and had to leave.  The thousands of business people he mentioned that he talked to, again, more lies.  I know some of them that went to see him during the last rally in DC.  They clearly presented their case that the current bill as is would not work and that they were against it.  Peters just squirmed and said he hadn't made up his mind yet. The next day he voted yes.

Today I sent him a pink slip.

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  1. Rotti - I was at that townhall meeting as well. I got there before it started, but way too late to get in as it was packed (and I understand Peters had sent out the bat-signal so his supporters would get there plenty early to "stock the pond". Anyway, I was standing there talking to another guy, when another guy came rushing up to us, and asked if they were letting people in... we said no, and the guy said "even if you have an RSVP?" I just looked at the guy I was talking to, then back to the guy and I said "you must be a supporter..." He said "yes I am, and I come from a country that has it (socialized medicine), so that makes me a smart one." And then he walked up to the doors and was let in. We were dumbfounded, although in retrospect, we shouldn't have been.

    Peters is a liar and a dirtbag as far as I'm concerned.

    Do you remember when Obama had his joint session of Congress, I believe it was on September 9th? Remember when he said there were 30 million uninsured Americans? Well, I had written Gary Peters several letters against the government takeover of health care. I received a reply with the same date as Obama's speech, and on it "Mr. Peters" had written that there were "More than 45 million uninsured Americans".

    So I have asked several liberal commentors on some blogs which of these guys was telling a lie, Gary Peters or Barack Obama? Of course all I receive back is silence at best, and attacks at me at worst.

    Anyway, it is an outright lie that this plan is market-based. We all know that Peters is voting right along the company line. 2010 cannot come soon enough for me. I hope Rocky, the gentleman that you seem to endorse, can kick this jerk Peters out.