Wednesday, November 4, 2009


While New Jersey and Virginia Republicans are celebrating their last night victory, so is Michigan 19th district.  Republican and former house member Mike Nofs, by some considered a big spender and endorsed by the SEIU and MEA won the election big time over Martin Griffin.  Let's hope he sticks to his word and brings down the Michigan Business Tax. He hopes to get sworn in as soon as possible to help with the Michigan economy. 

Detroit Mayor Bing won his re-election.  By many considered a big improvement over Kwame Kilpatrick,  he has a big problem to overcome - the City is out of money.  But many think Tuesday's election brings some stability to the mayor's office and promises a new direction for the City Council, which has been the subject of a federal corruption probe that led to the conviction of Councilwoman Monica Conyers for taking bribes.

In other areas of Michigan more victory for some, but disappointing for others:  Kalamazoo voters approve anti-discrimination ordinance by a wide margin.  Kalamazoo is now the 16th city in Michigan to receive these rights.  Will a town near you be next?

All in all, a good day for Republicans, here and NY, NJ and VA.  But President Obama said, he didn't watch any of this as it really doesn't mean anything.  Really!?

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