Sunday, May 16, 2010


With his pick of Elena Kagan, President Obama has exposed a concern that I have had for long time -- a lack of understanding of America's military and what it takes to defend our great country in these dangerous times. To put it bluntly, as dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan believed passionately that it was perfectly acceptable for fat cat Wall Street law firms to recruit on campus but it was morally wrong for the U.S. military to have the same privilege. This liberal elitism makes me angry, especially since I found out that at the very same time, Kagan was being paid consulting fees by Goldman Sachs. Even worse, Kagan agrees with her mentor, Thurgood Marshall, who believed that the U.S. Constitution as it was originally framed, was "defective". And President Obama thinks that Kagan is the right choice to defend America's values on the Supreme Court?

The Kagan nomination just makes me want to work even harder to win this race and go to Washington to work for you. Join our campaign and we'll get America back on the right track! Either click on the links below or scroll down to read more great news about our campaign.

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  1. I agree Elena Kagan is a "far left" choice for Supreme Court Justice. The fact that she ascribes to the concept of "a living constitution" is even more troubling. The bright spot on the horizon is that Supreme Court Justices can be recalled by the Congress if persons, like Rocky, who are constitutionialists are elected in 2010 and 2012. If not, our country and our way of life are doomed.