Monday, February 22, 2010


Never Before Have Party Leaders Been More United than Now

Early Support is a Positive Sign of Grassroots Strength from Across District

 Today, the entire elected Republican Party leadership of the 9th Congressional District endorsed Rocky Raczkowski, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives. During a major district-wide conference call, Chairman Glenn Clark, Co-Chairman Theresa Mungioli, Secretary Joe Green, Treasurer Dan Carlson, Michigan Republican State Commiteewomen for the 9th District Barbara Harrell, Theresa Mungioli & Teresa Stayer, as well as Michigan Republican State Committeemen for the 9th District Jim Duistermars, Bob McCoy & Justin Zatkoff all endorsed Raczkowski and pledged their support to ensure he will win the Republican nomination for Congress and the eventual general election contest against U.S. Representative Gary Peters (D-MI09).

“Never before has every leader of the 9th District GOP organization been completely on the same page as far as endorsements go,” said 9th District Chairman Glenn Clark. “Every one of our Republican elected leaders within the party structure agree that Rocky Raczkowski is the only proven conservative Republican who has shown an ability to put a winning coalition together to win elective office locally. His principled support of our commonly-held values show he is the right candidate to carry our party’s standard against out-of-touch liberal Gary Peters. Rocky can and will win in November because he has the right stuff to be our Congressman.”

Theresa Mungioli, Co-Chairman of the 9th Congressional District Republican Party said,, “Rocky has been a friend to Republicans across our district for many years. We know and trust him. Rocky has set the grassroots of our party on fire by his message of less government, more freedom and a return to Constitutional principles that made our nation great. His conservative Republicans ideals can and will draw more and more activists to him throughout the campaign. He will be our nominee because he speaks our language.”

In response to the resounding endorsements, Raczkowski stated, “Grassroots support like this means our conservative message of standing up for the Constitution and defending individual liberty is getting through. I am proud to be the candidate who stands proudly for we the people.”

Please, join our campaign and help provide the resources needed to reach every voter in the 9th District. Make a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or any amount that you can afford to help put "we the people" back in charge.

We're also pleased to report that more than 400 patriots have signed up to volunteer on the campaign. But, we need more committed volunteers to beat the big money, special interests who are running Washington today. So, please volunteer.
This is from Rotti: 
Please go to Rocky's website at http://www.rockyworksforus/ and sign up to volunteer or make a donation, any amount you can afford. President Obama got million of $ 5 campaign contribution, we can do that, too.   It is very costly to campaign, more than most people realize.  I've been involved in a local  campaign before and was shocked how much a candidate has to spend in order to succeed.  But in this case, it is more important than ever to beat Gary Peters who receives all his campaign money from unions and special interest groups that he is beholden to. 
Thank you for your support.


  1. Wow, you're right on these updates from Rocky... makes me think you're not just supporting him, but drawing a paycheck from him...

    If you live in the 9th, Rocky is your guy- I'll be door-to-door this summer working to get him elected.

  2. Not sure if I should feel insulted about drawing a paycheck from him. I'm strictly voluntary, doing what I can to get rid of Peters, and I don't care for Welday. Rocky is it.