Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Obamacare is Still Alive!

This week President Obama is summoning Washington Legislators to a summit so he can pressure them into taking over your health care. We think that before Obama takes on any more projects, he may want to finish cleaning up the messes he has already made.

But he is determined, and Washington isn't listening.

So we have been working with Michigan lawmakers to make sure that even if President Obama gets his way, Michigan citizens will be able to keep their private insurance and not be forced to purchase healthcare insurance.

SJR K was introduced by Senator Wayne Kuipers and has just passed out of the Senate Health committee. Next stop, the Senate floor; as soon as next week.

We need your help.
To bring this constitutional amendment to protect your right to private health care before voters, SJR K needs 2/3 of the Senate to approve it.

Please take 10 minutes in the next few days and call  your Senator.
This is a Common Sense solution to prevent the Federal takeover of your private health care.

SJR K, my resolution to give you the right to exempt your family or

business from the federal health care plan, went up for a vote before
the full Senate today.
Because it*s a constitutional amendment, SJR K requires a 2/3
majority or 26 votes to pass the chamber. All 22 Republicans voted in
favor along with two Democrats, resulting in the resolution falling just
two votes short of passage.

We are VERY close and we wouldn't have made it this far without your
help! Thanks to all of you who have signed and forwarded the petition
and/or took the time to call your legislator.
Friends, the vote today is a call to action * we*re just TWO votes
short of passage! If you haven*t contacted your legislator or passed
along the petition to family and friends, please do so now.
The president and Speaker Pelosi are trying to push a vote in
Washington THIS WEEK. Let*s show the federal government we don*t
want our taxpayer dollars being spent on a bloated, bureaucratic health
care boondoggle.


H/T Wenday Day - Common Sense in Government/Make Lansing Listen

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