Thursday, February 4, 2010

State of the Citizens Address 2010

Last night, Lansing MI was buzzing.  Governor Granholm held her annual State of the State.  I was invited by my State Rep Gail Haines to come as her guest but wasn't able to go.  I followed the speech on the local networks and at the same time watched a live feed through Common Sense in Government.  Although it would have been warm inside the dome, I think I would have much rather be outside with the protesting crowd. Watch Common Sense in Government video here:
SOAR also posted their version of the protest.  I was told that Steven Mobley candidate for 62nd district state house sang the National Anthem.  Unfortunately I was not able to find that on video. The Free Press had this to say: I've been told there were lots more protesters than what the Freep claimed.

The Governor had her say, and her message of reform was a little too late, besides, with all her proposals for new jobs to be created, where would that money come from, and her cuts she proposed did not come near the budget deficit we are facing.

The people had their say.  Enough is enough, stop spending, jobs, jobs, jobs.

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