Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As I am still recuperating from last night's exceptional loss, I have been pondering also why. A friend forward the follong stats to me and it is clear something is out of kilter with this picture.  There is nothing I can do about it, but think you will find it interesting as well. The following is a response to an Oakland Press article:

Rocky won the following cities by the following percentages:

Bloomfield, 57.5%

Oakland, 69%

Orion, 59.5%

Waterford, 52.4%

Southfield, 51.6%

Birmingham, 54.6%

Bloomfield Hills, 63.9%

Lake Angelus, 82.5%

Orchard Lake, 65.5%

Rochester, 58.1%

Rochester Hills, 57.2%

Sylvan Lake, 53.7%

Troy, 54.5%

He is not representing the interests of those communities.

Rocky won more precincts around the district than did Gary Peters.

Gary Peters represents Pontiac, where he won by 87.6%, and had 7500 more votes.

You take that one city out of the mix, and Rocky wins.

And while it’s great that Peters wants to encourage small businesses to take on more debt, some of us would prefer to that he instead back off on the spending and stop incurring debt on our behalf.

While the Oakland Press might believe that “memories are short” on the stimulus, perhaps they might consider how many decades – perhaps even generations – it will take to pay off that debt, or how many years will see our budgets be constrained because of the interest payments.

This is not “sour grapes” Peters campaign – while victorious – was dirty. Had he won by campaigning on any of the issues you listed here, then perhaps you might have a point. But he didn’t; he instead resorted to mudslinging and fearmongering. He should be ashamed of his ill-gotten victory.


  1. The election will not be certified for two weeks. NOW is the time if you are going to do anything. File an inquiry, a complaint or just make some noise about securing our elections. Vote fraud is rampant and quickly being tolerated if not legalized by our courts.

  2. Votes were off by 700 in Farmington Hill, in Rocky's favor. Other cities are being looked into. Read my latest post about Waterford potential voter fraud.