Saturday, November 6, 2010


Michigan turned Red, this is good news for all of us. But there were pockets where good conservative candidates lost their race. Kupiec in MI 5th, Flint area is one of them.  I've been informed by a poll worker there that voters came in asking for help how to vote. After an explanation was given, they would answer, that's not what we were told. They told us just to mark an X on the Democratic side.  After looking at the election results in Oakland County, I noticed that in some pockets, especially the Pontiac precincts, the vast majority of voters were also using the straight ticket method, that is without considering the unusual large amount of voters that came out in Pontiac. Who woke them up?  Where did they really come from?

Just now I received information about some possible voter fraud having taken place in some Waterford precincts. This is part of the information I received, somewhat modified.

"He was a poll watcher in Waterford and said there was fraud going on. He said that there were two precincts in a gym. He was watching 15 which was by the door and a Dem was watching (or running) 13 which was at the other end of the gym. People were coming in with SC drivers licenses and saying they had moved to MI. They were giving addresses that would put them in precinct 13. The person there was allowing them to vote with a "Challenge" written on the ballot, but was then just running the ballots through with all of the good ones.

He said,  when he got there for the afternoon, no one had been watching the polls earlier. He said one of the poll watchers from a Tea Party , left in tears at some point in the afternoon; someone had threatened to call 911, I guess, when she was challenging things. He called the Republican help number and twice attorneys came in. I don't know what they did. My friend wanted to go to the clerk's office but didn't go when he heard that the clerk was a liberal Dem. If all of this was really happening, I don't know WHY something wasn't being done about it at the time."

If anyone has more info on these incidents, please post it here. We all need to learn and know what is going on.

With all the so-called training Poll watchers have received, this is troubling to me and seems it is an issue we all need to continue to work on.  We can work all we want to help get a candidate elected, but large amounts of voter fraud will turn against us. 

The democratic machine targeted certain candidates, especially those that had to win questionable cities like Pontiac or Royal Oak, Flint where they find willing voters to do what they are told.  We have 24 months to learn our lesson.


  1. I observed a strange situation in a Bloomfield Township precinct. At 7:50pm, a male entered with young girl that was dressed in a distinctive coat & hat. The election worker greeted them and I heard her say to the little girl "Oh you're voting twice today." After the male completed the sign-in form, I heard the election worker question his drivers license address. It was said that the change of address was worn off /not clear on back of license. The election worker made a phone call. The whole time the male is going on about how he has a right to vote, etc. After the election worker finished the phone call, the male was allowed to vote. While at the voting booth, I observed the male was on his cell phone the entire time. He left after voting. The woman voter who was voting at the booth next to the male, volunteered the comment when she was turning in her ballot that the man next to her was asking someone how to mark the ballot. Fraud or not, I don't know, but certainly raises a caution flag.
    I agree comment by Rotti, we need to be busy the next 24 months. I suggest we should be gathering enough poll watchers to cover all the precincts for all the hours and with backup resources if poll watcher feels threatened.

  2. Thanks, Cindy. I hope more will post their observations here.

  3. I have heard that the poll watchers did not have very good training. We need to give them excellent training and have backup ready. Poll watchers need to know more than what to watch for; they need to know how to insist that any compromised ballots be checked and what to do (or who to call) if the people in charge of the polling place refuse to do this.