Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today at an Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority candidate forum,  Gary Peters referred to Rocky as a "tea-bagger" and said the Tea-party members are close-minded and create a polarizing rhetoric.

Another attendee reported this: Gary Peters called Rocky a 'teabagger' at the Bloomfield Twp library this morning to a room of almost all women. This is a sexually obscene phrase--look at wikipedia if you're not familiar. According to my source, the look on Peters' campaign manger's face was priceless.
I take personal offense to this kind of behavior and statement.  Not only is Peters disrespectful to women but also to thousands in his district and millions around the state and country.  Peters attacks are becoming shameful and he lies about Rocky every chance he gets.
By calling Rocky a teabagger and insulting the Tea Party members, he is clearly showing that he is and always will be Pelosi's lapdog.  We do not and will not tolerate someone like him to represent us in Washington.


  1. Peters is just plain ignorant with a statement like that. It shows once again the total lack of class coming from the left.

    Gee Pelosi has lapdogs and Harry Reid has a candidate he calls a "pet". His word not mine.

    The classless ignorance abounds in the Democratic Party.

  2. Peters obscene characterization of his opponent, iCaucus endorsed ROCKY RACZKOWSKI, in front of a female audience speaks volumes concerning Gary's despicable nature. You can help bury this kind of lewd behavior by supporting RACZKOWSKI and all iCaucus candidates at

  3. This is desperation on Peters part. That offensive term has lost it's favor with even the MSM as they found it does not work and drove even more people away from their viewership.

    Peters is going down hard in 44 days and taking any sense of decency (if he ever had it) with him.