Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After reading numerous reports from local papers, blogs, and on social networks, there is no need to detail the debate again.  Here are two of my favorite reports on the debate:

Prior to the debate there was a rally outside with supporters from both sides in attendance. The Peters crowd ALL had the exact same sign, as all dems always do - no originality and which indicates to me that these folks are brought in and handed their signs. Maybe they are even paid to attend. Most of them were "kids", at most college freshmen. It was obvious the way they were jumping and dancing that they really didn't understand the seriousness in which they were getting themselves involved in.

In contrast, Rocky's crowd sported mostly mature adults, many with homemade signs, neatly dressed and respectfully cheering Rocky's name.  One slogan comes to mind that originated in Rocky's crowd:  Rocky works for us, Peters works for Pelosi.

The rain got worse and we ventured inside the auditorium and waited for the debate to begin.  The questioning panel were from the Oakland Press, namely Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Adler and a lady whose name I  don't remember.  This is where it became interesting. The moderator announced that the audience was allowed to applaud even before the debate was over.  The Peters crowd got loud, noisy and somewhat rowdy at times as a result of this. While Rocky's supporters were accused in the Newspapers of being loud and insulting, that is not true. 

The questioning was biased at times, with Rocky getting 3/4 of the time to respond and he was often interrupted by both Gary Peters and the panel, always referring back to the frivolous lawsuit or other non-issue items.  At the same time, Rocky tried to get back to the issues at hand, trying to put Peters on the spot on his vote for healthcare and cap and trade. The panel also let Peters get away with completely answering the questions. The amnesty question comes to mind.  While Peters and Rocky agree on securing the border, they never made Peters answer the amnesty issue.

Rocky was toe to toe with Peters and often got to Peters  which showed in his red face  At one point he lost his composure and started yelling at Rocky that he doesn't know what he is talking about.  That is not how I want to see my congressman behave.

Rocky will be a superior statesman and he will work for us.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out... I thought my review was fair and balanced, as most of my reporting usually is, while also being amusing and informative. Oh, and the golden goose reference and picture are just an added bonus. Check it out...