Tuesday, July 13, 2010


With this post I am  linking to a blog I just came across and wish for this to be widely seen and spread.  People in Michigan's 9th district, both democrats and independents have to see what Gary Peters is up to.  He won't hold townhalls, he won't return phone calls, his aides are rude, he lies about being fiscally conservative - pleeeaaase.  Now he uses stalkers with cameras in his opponents face at every event.  That's about as low as you can go.  Peters has to go.
I support Republican frontrunner Rocky Raczakowski in his endeavor to beat Peters.  Read about Rocky's plan and his bio here: http://www.rockyworksforus/

Now read about statist Gary Peters here, doesn't sound like the guy I want representing me.

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  1. That is pathetic! He has nothing to run on so he resorts to this kind of behavior. No wonder our country is in so much trouble.