Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Who will the voters believe to be the conservative candidate? Who is looking to reap the benefits of a lobbyist in office?
Who is standing up for the voters in the 9th district and who is against them?
Paul Welday, lobbyist and businessman claims to be the conservative candidate. But when looking at the campaign finance reports, one wonders if he will really represent the voters in his district or will he be beholden to the many donors from whom he collected the majority of his contributions.
You can read and decide here for yourself.

Here are some interesting figures that show the difference between the campaigns

Andrew Raczkowski (R ) Paul Welday ®
Sector Total

Construction $1,000 vs $7,200
Energy/Nat Resource $2,300 vs $1,000
Finance/Insur/RealEst $3,000 vs $43,050
Health $2,050 vs $19,400
Lawyers & Lobbyists $1,800 vs $21,850
Transportation $1,500 vs $17,350
Misc Business $8,200 vs $11,364
Ideology/Single-Issue $29,048 vs $2,650
Other $15,050 vs $11,750

Rocky leads in contributions among the voters $29,048 to Welday's $2,650
Welday leads in the finance sectors $43,050 to Rocky's $3,950
Welday leads in the lawyers / lobbyists $21,850 to Rocky's $1,800.
All Info from Opensecrets.org.

This was just a small section of the entire finance reports to give the reader an idea what is happening here. The real conservative here is Rocky Raczkowski, the guy that wants to work for us here in Michigan's 9th Congressional District. Vote Rocky. www.rockyworksforus.com and visit here again as I will have more info coming.

Here are some more examples since my last report. While the columns are not properly lined, you will get the idea.  Rocky is the left column, Welday the right one.

Health Professionals
2050             vs  16,650
14,100          vs  10,850
Real Estate
250               vs 16,000
In spite of all those numbers, Rocky is way ahead of Welday due to the generous contributions from the people, in fact Rocky even had more contributions than Gary Peters in the 2nd quarter.

Don't let the lies, rumors and smear campaign from the Welday camp distract you. Rocky is staying focused on the issues, so am I, so should all of us. After all, we need a winner to send to Washington in November.


  1. Rocky is trustworthy and this just proves it. The voters know what it means to be funded by the lobbyists it means their loyalty is not with WE THE PEOPLE of Michigan but have to pay-back the favors. I am so sick of that corrupt politics as usual.

    I totally support Rocky!

    Thank you for this revealing report. The people have a right to know the truth before they vote!!

  2. Fun, thanks for your comment. It is great to see when my writings get through to people. there has to be transparency.