Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've listened to this ad three times as I couldn't believe what I heard and saw the first two times. This is one of the most misleading representations of a candidate I've ever seen as the video portrays a guy that's working in a manufacturing environment, the audio claims he owns a small business,  whereas in reality, Mr. Welday is and has been for a long time a lobbyist with ties to big corporations.  He is a founder and partner in Strategic Federal Affairs with offices in Michigan and Washington DC.

Then I heard him say that he is not a career politician.  That is just not true.  Mr. Welday has been involved in politics his entire adult life. He started as a political organizer, and eventually became the chief of staff to former Congressman Joe Knollenberg, who voted against the Bush bailout before he voted for it.  Joe Knollenberg is a lobbyist himself now in one of the spin off firms of Strategic Federal Affairs.  This is just too coincidental. When in 2008 Paul Welday lost a second time  a race for a State House seat, he immediately ran for the Oakland County Party Chair seat.  Incidently, the brother of the current Oakland County Party Chair is one of Welday's partners.  Small world.  I have great concern when a person can't win a state house seat but thinks he can win against the most well funded liberal the democrats have. Finally, he claims that he will create jobs for his district.  Government does not and should not create jobs.  The fact that he is a husband and a father does not qualify him or anyone else to be a representative.  I think this video/audio is a flop.


  1. Hopefully people will see through Welday and vote for a real conservative.

  2. The worst place to send a lobbyist is to Washington DC. They know how to milk the system from both sides. This is scary.
    Do a small business owner (me) a big favor - do not send a lobbyist to DC. They're killing us.

  3. Right now it's not just the lobbyist, but also the GOP killing us. It showed up again in MS where the GOP meddled with a tea party candidate. Shame on the GOP.