Saturday, December 5, 2009


I  just returned from the 9th GOP pancakes and politics. It was again surprising to me that Rick Snyder won the straw poll, and already he's announcing it all over Facebook. He certainly is a very smart businessman and I think economically he makes some sense. Having said that. Hoekstra, who won 3rd in the poll got my vote, not only for what he stands, i.e. fairtax, smaller government, right to work state etc, his presence demands some respect that I don't get from the other candidates. Here is a video of Hoekstra at the event:

From all the candidates for Sec of State, Michele McManus seems to be the most conservative, a real firecracker full of spunk and energy and she got my vote, too.

The candidates for congress did not get to talk today, but they made the rounds and Rocky Raczakowski won by a great margin, with Paul Welday in 2nd, and the 2 new ones following with very few votes.

The room was packed and  it was exciting to see so much interest and energy.

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