Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A recent poll showed that more people would vote for the Tea Party than the GOP or DNC.  The tea party movement is clearly expanding, even though the MSM is still not recognizing it.  That is ok, we can do without them.  My question is, will the Tea Party emerge as a Third Party, will it integrate into the GOP or will the GOP let the Tea Party be the driving force and accept the principles of patriots, which really is just a comeback of the old GOP. As of now I believe the GOP is not getting it yet.  I see here in my own area there is still so much politics as usual.  You endorse me, I endorse you.   I have been very disappointed in some of the recent endorsements given to candidates solely by political pressures by either the party or some high paying or high ranking individual.  This has to stop if we want to stop corruption and payoff.

Now that Congress once again has shown that they refuse to listen to the people of this country, I think the tea party movement will become even stronger as we start the new year.

Having been involved with the Independence Caucus, http://www.icaucus.ning.com/ an organization that vetts conservative candidates.  Afer they pass their vetting questions and interviews, they receive the endorsement from Icaucus.  Volunteers will then help with the candidates' campaign.  I have found several such worthy candidates running for state or federal office.

In my new blogs for 2010 I will periodically write about these candidates, so they get a little more exposure, and hope that my readers will find a way to help support them.

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