Friday, July 20, 2012


One would think that after the 2010 election the GOP and establishment politicians have seen what the people are looking for in a politician.
Not so in Michigan, at least not all of Michigan. The new 11th congressional district has been going through some unusual times the last few weeks.
First we lose Thad McCotter because he wasn't able to get the required signatures in an honest way. Once caught, the only way out he saw, was quitting on the spot leaving the seat wide open.
But, there already was another name on the ballot, Kerry Bentivolio. He got all the required signatures, has a huge teaparty following due to his constitutional and fiscally conservative stance.
Kerry is not a politician, but has been in the political circle for some years. He understands the problem and certainly understands what needs to be done. That involves staying true and blue to ones convictions, and that, dear reader, is not what the MI GOP is looking for.  They want someone they can mold and pull strings when needed. They found this person in one Nancy Cassis, a former, term limited state senator, certainly old enough to be retired.  Mrs. Cassis is known to be the Mother of the Michigan MBT, or Business Tax, which she together with former Governor Granholm proudly thought of and endorsed, among other big spending votes.  Mrs Cassis is running now as a write-in.
Mr. Bentivolio continues to fight for his nomination while Mrs. Cassis is lavishly running outrageous vicious lies and commercials with money thrown at her from all the big wig establishment. Many names on that list who endorsed her quite stunned me, especially Congressman Rogers and Congressman Wahlberg. What are they thinking? I am sure they know we are watching them as well and won't forget.  Other names are not surprising.
The establishment continues to ignore Kerry Bentivolio, the latest was an interview with the MI GOP chair who acknowledged that he had someone on the ballot, but would not utter his name.
I strongly support Kerry Bentivolio and hope you will vote for him in the upcoming primary.
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  1. When you're an unprincipled politician, and the newcomers are, the good ol boys don't like being shown up, and having a principled Conservative Republican to be compared against. And, when a RINO and their spending habits get added to the comparison, you really don't want any Conservatives rockin the boat and making you look bad. So, you end up with a lot of snarky, slimey politicians who are willing to blatantly lie to your face as a well-informed political activist, send slanderous literature to tens of thousands of potential voters, and even have Congressional District Chairmen endorse and MANAGE the campaign against the only GOP candidate on the ballot for the Primary. As I said, principles are what separate the Mi GOP from TEA Party activists, Conservatives, and Libertarians alike. Is it any wonder why the approval rating of state and federal govt is so low?

  2. From a friend who commented via email:

    Kerry B is the right choice. Please continue to support and sorest the word.

    Do we want Status Quo? I don't believe that is what our country and particularly state needs. Keep spreading the truth. It just might sink in with those that "get it"!