Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Thanks to Deb O'Hagan for her detailed accounting about our new county leadership.

The Oakland County Executive Committee met last night and elected new officers.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW Oakland County Republican Party officers!

Chair: Jim Thienel
Vice Chair: Angela Rivers
Secretary: Lauren Gervason
Treasurer: David Staudt

What a great team in place to move us forward and prepare for 2012!

Jim’s multi-million dollar entrepreneurial business experience, vast knowledge of the party and people involved, his involvement in growing NORC to become the largest republican club in MI, and his tremendous behind the scenes efforts supporting successful candidates, certainly gives him the ability to lead us forward!

Angela’s marketing and image building background will help put a positive and strong face on our party! Her own campaign experience gives her first hand knowledge of what it takes to recruit and elect conservative candidates!

Lauren’s long and successful record of fundraising for candidates such as Mitt Romney, Joe Knollenberg, and most recently Rick Snyder will help bring in much needed funds for our county party to win in 2012. She is a graduate of U of D law school and has worked for the OCRP in finance and fundraising prior to the Snyder campaign!

David’s experience as our current treasurer ensures financial continuity at a critical time! He is also committed to upgrading the OCRP web presence and making it the number one webpage in the country! This is key to opening up the lines of communication between all of us!

The new OCRP leadership stressed the importance of working together, providing transparency, building the grassroots, and welcoming the tea party efforts and ideas. They have an open door policy to each and every one of us. As Jim said last night, ‘don’t talk about me, talk to me’. He also said ‘ I have always let people know what I like and dislike and expect the same from all of you’. And if you know Jim, he couldn’t have said it any better and meant it more J.

I hope you are as excited as I am and are ready to work with and become an active part of the team. They will need our support in terms of manpower, ideas, and finances. It’s up to us to make sure they get it so OCRP is successful in 2012 and beyond!

Deb O’Hagan
OCRP Executive Committee Member
West Bloomfield 8th Precinct Delegate
Lakes Area Tea Party Coordinator

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  1. Sounds like there are some positive things going on out there. That's good news.